New girls bedroom with Beddy’s sets

You know we moved to Chicago after two years in Italy, and before leaving, I connected with Beddy’s and secured a potential partnership with them.

I only share and recommend something if I use it personally, if we genuinely love it and if I feel comfortable recommending it to you. I already told you about Beddy’s sets on Before & After: I present you our new bedroom. Below you can find my personal tips for making the bedroom a cozy and relaxing place with Beddy’s sets.

Beddy’s sets review: here are my honest and sincere thoughts.

A quality night’s sleep is crucial for development and growth, no matter the age. As sleep is so important to a child’s growth, development and wellbeing, making some small changes to their bedroom in order to create an optimum sleeping environment will be well worth it in the long run.


Colour can evoke emotion and some are more calming whereas some are lively and fun. Pastel colours make a good choice as they are muted and generally calmer. Blue and pink both have calming effects, with blue lowering blood pressure and anxious feelings. Green is also a good choice as it is said to improve concentration and help you wake up refreshed. Try to stick to one wall of colour as this means you can change it easily as your child may grow to dislike it. It can cause anxiety when they begin to dislike their surroundings. A general rule is to stay away from red as it has associations with anger, also brighter colours such as orange can distract and over-stimulate children.


Bright lights aid concentration but come bedtime they should be switched off. Warmer toned bulbs, dim lamps and night lights are more sleep inducing as they don’t contain ‘blue light’. Blue light stops melatonin production, halting sleep. If light is not required at all, darkness is best as it begins the sleep cycle. Turn off bright lights, overhead lights and keep the room screen free for the best sleep. Phones and TV’s can also be a distraction which stops the room being associated with sleep.


Cluttered rooms are less calming, a messy room is chaotic and distracts from sleep. Having ample storage will help stop this and encourage your child to keep their room tidy. Keep them involved and they are more likely to keep their room neat. If you introduce tidying as part of their routine to ensure their room stays clutter free.


We can’t help outside noises that may keep us up at night, but we can block them out. Surprisingly it isn’t noise that disrupts sleep, it is inconsistency of noise. Having a white noise machine or playing quiet calming sounds will help your child stay asleep despite what is going on outside. It can also help soothe them into drifting off into a restful night’s sleep.


Cooler temperatures work best, although we all love a cosy room. Body temperatures dips naturally at night, so keeping a cool room mimics this, helping the body to reach its optimal temperature faster and keep us asleep throughout the night.


One of the most important things for a good night’s sleep is a good bed. Pay attention to the quality and the best rated mini crib mattress and bed frame, if your child is sleeping in an uncomfortable bed, they won’t be getting the best sleep possible. Take a look at children’s beds for sale from Room to Grow for a range of quality children’s beds. Making sure your child is happy in their bed is a huge part of improving their sleep quality.

So, we have spent the last week with Beddy’s sets, and we love them!

All-In-One: the set is made up of a comforter and flat sheet which have been sewn together; this single piece zips onto a fitted sheet/comforter piece. Each Beddy’s set also comes with one coordinating pillow case and one decorative sham.

So when you make the bed, all you do is putting on a fitted sheet. No tucking, which is awesome for bunks for sure. The girls room just looks cleaner, probably bc the sheets are pulled tight via being zipped. This means there’s no comforter shifting in the following days.

The kids (and mommy) are eager to make their beds because it is just easier. A fun zip and it’s done!

I really appreciate how much this improves the bottom bunk experience. There’s no longer a comforter edges hanging down under the top mattress through the bed slats, it really makes a difference, both for the bottom bunk sleeper, and for the general aesthetic of the room.

So, are you planning to purchase? I hope my Beddy’s sets review was useful to you.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask and I’d be glad to give my honest opinion! And if you do decide to purchase, I have an affiliate link, thank you.

Thanks to Beddy’s for the free product.

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