My daily and weekly beauty routine

After the age of 30, it is imperative to follow a daily and weekly beauty routine to have the most radiant facial skin (and body).

Taking care of yourself is good for the soul. Carving out time in the morning gives us the charge to face the day well and in the evening it is essential to sleep well.

And when I talk about have time for themselves, I do not talk about whole days (even if there would be nothing wrong), we would miss … It only takes a few minutes.

But raise your hand who like me arrives at the end of the day and hasn’t out at least 5/10 minutes of time for itself …

A woman’s life changes radically after the birth of her children, not to mention the mothers who live abroad who do not have help from any family member. It’s all more complicated and in the long run it becomes frustrating.

Do not misunderstand me: I love spending time with my little girls, I love taking care of the house and cooking … but I would like to take some time for myself, even just a few minutes a day, but all for me.

My daily and weekly beauty routine with art naturals

Before having little girls I never left the home if I was not made up and with the freshly made manicure, now I forget, for example, to apply the cream for the face. This is to make you understand how they are put. I would always like to wear make-up, but then I realize I’m late on the schedule and then I give up.

I know it’s wrong, so I decided to change. Because in order to love each other and see each other more beautiful, just a little is enough <3

Here are some simple “rules” for a perfect beauty routine.

I would like to take some time for myself for my Daily and weekly beauty routine

Beauty routine in the morning

In the morning just wake up, rinse your face with fresh water and a gentle soap, like TEA TREE FACE WASH by artnaturals, because it gently removes the bacteria that clog the pores. Tea Tree Face Wash contains allantoin, which helps soothe irritated skin.

Second step: use a tonic to close the pores and apply a serum name’s HYALURONIC ACID SERUM by artnaturals, 1-3 drops are sufficient to fight and fill crow’s feet and under eye bags. It can be massaged on the neck, face and chest.

My morning beauty routine ends with the application of a moisturizer.

How to choose the most suitable cream for your face? If you have mixed or oily face skin, choose a fluid cream or an opaque emulsion, to reduce the shine on the skin. If, on the other hand, you have dry or particularly delicate skin (like mine), it aims at treatments rich in soothing substances.

Beauty routine in the evening

The first thing to do is remove make-up: this word you have to imprint it in your mind !!! But often tiredness wins over everything and you go to bed with your face still made up. I understand you well, because I also made this mistake, but it is harmful to the skin of the face and neck. Even if you only have a veil of powder or rimmel, cleansing is essential to cleanse your skin and without it, your daily beauty routine will be incomplete.

All you need is cleansing milk. I like coconut oil a lot, because it leaves the skin soft and fragrant. It takes only a small amount, to be massaged on the face and neck, then I go directly into the shower.

In my shower they can’t miss COCONUT & LIME SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER DUO by artnaturals, (even my little girls adore the perfume and does not irritate the eyes) a natural sponge and the toothbrush and toothpaste to wash the teeth.

My Daily and weekly beauty routine with COCONUT & LIME SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER DUO by artnaturals

I get out of the shower nice and ready to apply the cream RETINOL MOISTURIZER by artnaturals, which contains Retinol 2.5% (Vitamin A), hyaluronic acid, with vitamins C and E, jojoba oil, Aloe Vera, sunflower oil, vitamin B5 . This cream is excellent for those who have dry skin like me and helps to mitigate imperfections, under eye bags and crow’s feet.

Beauty weekly routine

Once a week, for a deeper cleansing of the skin, apply a face mask, such as BLACK PEEL OFF FACE MASK by artnaturals. It helps to eliminate pores obstructed by blackheads, absorb excess oil, remove bacteria, dirt and make-up, to reveal a healthy, luminous and more elastic skin.

Contains black clay with rye powder and almond oil. Once the mask is removed, the texture of the skin is renewed, the hydration is restored, the skin appears more plump and luminous and the imperfections are attenuated and soothed.

I love applying this mask in the evening or on weekends for a more prolonged pampering. If it seems too much, do not worry, if I can, I said everything 😉 And then in a short time you’ll be so good that you’ll naturally do all this automatically!

Tips for a perfect beauty routine

Always read the list of ingredients well, make sure the product is suitable for your skin type, read the product reviews. One who has a very delicate skin tells you this, which is easily reddened.

Remember never to leave out the tonic or the eye contour or serum. Avoid using aggressive products, such as alcohol-based tonics, as they may irritate the eyes and skin.

In short, there would still be something to write about the topic of beauty routine, for example of the body, he also needs all the beauty treatments necessary to regenerate each day. Let’s say that this, however, is a good start to love each other. One step at a time <3

What is your daily and weekly beauty routine? Do you have any advice to give me? Write me in the comments as well 😉

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