What do you think about Maria Montessori education for your child?

Even if I’m not a fan of Maria Montessori, I have to say that some of her ideas are good. I think her motto “Help me to do it alone” is beautiful.

It doesn’t mean children get in trouble, but it mean that the parents or the educators have to leave the children free to try, to develop the necessary physical skills, to carry out their own activities, without continuous intervene.

According to Maria Montessori, a child educated to autonomy today will be a capable adult tomorrow. Well, that’s what I hope for my girls.

In what practical ways can we educate our children to autonomy?

First, teach them how to take care of animals or plants in the garden: knowing that a seedling without the necessary care could dry up, for example, not only empowers the child, but helps him feel an integral part of life and able to take care of other small living being. Same for pets, they need food, water and cuddles. My little girls can’t wait to add chow to the cat bowl and they know they have to do it every morning before leave home and in the evening before going to bed.

Second, allow the child to do housework: let our children feel an integral part of the home mean that they have to make their part as do small household chores. Children can contribute to cleaning up, prepare meals, setting the table, dressing, bathing, organise their toys, gardening, washing the car, stacking the firewood, planning weekly menus or making afternoon tea for guests. 

Recently we received the new Beddy’s zipper bedding and the girls can’t wait to make up the bed every morning. Beddy’s sets are a high quality comforter and fitted sheet all in one piece. I love that the zippers are large, super sturdy, and don’t get caught on the fabric like you might expect them to.

Once you are ready to get into bed, you just unzip it and hop in. It’s so easy! Once you are up for the day, just zip it up. I am really happy to get Beddy’s sets, because my daughters are able to make up their own beds with a simple zip! This is also a way to make they autonomy grow.

How should the parent behave in all of this?

The parent or the educator will remain silent, avoiding positive or negative comments, ready to intervene in case of real need or to restore order, but until that moment it is good that the little ones do their own thing. The adult, in practice, should observe a lot and speak little. What a beautiful lesson !!!

And you, what do you think about Maria Montessori education? Write me in the comments.

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DISCLAIMER: this post in written in collaboration with Beddy’s sets, but all opinions are 100% my own!

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